Dr. Rafaël Michiels

Rafaël is a belgian endodontist. In 2006 Rafaël graduated as a dentist at Ghent University. In 2009 he completed a 3 year Masters program in endodontics at Ghent University. He has worked in several referral based offices before starting his own referral based practice for endodontics in Hasselt (Belgium) in 2013. He regularly gives courses and workshops both nationally and internationally, mainly focusing on improving clinical work. He is a member of The Belgian Association for Endodontology and Traumatology (BAET) and a certified member of The European Society of Endodontology (ESE). Outside of dentistry Rafaël enjoys Crossfit, Weightlifting and Wakeboarding.


Upgrade your efficiency!


Target audience: Anyone working as a clinician

Take a look in your drawers! It’s quite full with stuff you bought at some conference or some dealer managed to persuade you that this piece of equipment will elevate the level of your endodontic treatment, right? Wrong! It’s money wasted! You’ve been told that for a good endodontic treatment you need to take a lot of time, that 3D obturation is mandatory, a certain MAF and taper is necessary, right? Wrong! Take a look at your numbers, you’re making a good income and every year you make some profit, that’s good right? Wrong! Your assistants cost you money, they get sick, they don’t do their job correctly, working with staff is a pain in the ass, right? Wrong! You get the point! In this lecture I will talk about several ways to maximize efficiency in your office, from making your endodontic treatment simple and straightforward, to cutting costs in stock, to how to maximize your human capital. Because efficiency is key to delivering high quality, highly profitable endodontic treatment to satisfy your patients and yourself.